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Friday, December 23, 2011

Day Four of Steaking in the New Year

On my fourth day of Streaking in the New Year I was tired.  AND, I ran with a fast running friend.  I could feel it in my glutes as we took off running down Aliso Creek Trail that this was my fourth day in the streak.  I had fun though, lots of it.  But now that I’ve been to a holiday party and it’s time to bed early, I figured now is the time to  blog today’s run because I don’t want to get behind.

We saw the usual blue heron that I always see.  He/she didn’t take off though to glorify its majestic wingspan.  Instead the bird slowly walked away from us as we ran through the meadows on our way to Mentally Sensitive.  And Michael P. took the trails like a champ.  He is an amazing runner (especially down hill runner.)  Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone take the rugged down hills before with his speed. 

Backing up, first off, it was cold, but not so, so cold like it was yesterday.  Michael and I took off about 8:15 AM in Aliso/Wood Canyons.  He had a head start on me as he took off from his home.

Anyway, AFTER running up Meadows yesterday, today, we took the steepest trail in the park, Mentally Sensitive (for regular readers, “Psycho-Path”).  It was tough,  but a LOVELY tough. 

We finished off a beautiful 7 mile run to record in our Streaking in the New Year “challenge.”   And I’m oh so glad to have had a friend to run with on this Christmas Eve’s Eve. 

Michael’s ready for the big climb:

Okay . . . we’ll take a picture of me there too!

Mentally Sensitive:

View looking back:

Climbing Mentally Sensitive:

Saddleback Mountains View from top of Meadows:

Top of Meadows, Pacific Ocean in background:

Miles logged this morning:  7.0:My Activities up Mentally Sensitive down Meadows 12-23-2011, Elevation - Distance

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