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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Some family members (I won’t say who), claim that I’m only happy when I’m running.  If that were true, I would make a correction, when I’m trail running.  But it’s not true.  I’m happy at the gym.  LOL.

Seriously, people who know me on a casual basis would say that I’m happy ALL OF THE TIME.  That of course is not true either.  But why the huge discrepancy?

Most people that I know on a casual basis don’t know that I’m a trail runner (except for trail runners that I know on a casual basis).  EVERYONE in my family and their close friends know that I’m a trail runner.   All family members seem proud that I’m a trail runner.  I’ve heard them brag.  But occasionally, there’s the “You’re only happy when your running” bit that goes on that’s got me on this topic today. 

The truth is that I’m content when I run trails.  I don’t  worry about finances or all the things that I’ve forgotten to do.  I’m just being.  And that makes me happy.  Not giddy happy; like I mentioned above, CONTENT

When I’m teaching, I’m happy.  I adore all my students and that makes me happy.  I’m happy when our children laugh, actually when anyone in my family laughs, when my students laugh, when my friends laugh, when strangers laugh.  I’m happy if I can make someone smile.  So, you see, I’m not “only happy when I run.”  Running trails is way beyond happy.  Sure I’m smiling on the trails (most of the time – sometimes I’ve been known to cry on the trails.)  Running trails is like something I’ve never experienced in my life before; it is something that transcends the mind, something that conquers the body.  I feel fortunate, so very fortunate to have stumbled upon trail running.     

Even though I had very little time this morning, I got in a trail run, an out-and-back to Top of the World at Aliso/Wood Canyons.  Was I happy?  I suppose so.  But more than anything, I was content and anxiety-free.  And if content and anxiety-free is happy, well then damn-it, I was happy!  But I was happy other times today too.  I was happy fractions finally clicked in a young girl’s mind after I worked with her only a few short minutes.  I was happy when another student smiled when I complimented him on his work and told him not to worry so much.  I was happy driving my sons to school singing along to Pink.  I was happy eating my rice/broccoli/carrot mixture – because I LOVE rice.  There were hard times today too, because a day is that complex.  But trail running, it’s not complex, IT JUST IS.  And that is wonderful. Smile

Digital Memories of today’s run:

A pose heading into Wood Canyon:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked best:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

A view of Laguna Wilderness from West Ridge Trail (beyond the hills is Crystal Cove):SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Cheers from Top of the World!SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Sculptures in the park at Top of the World:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

And of course Smile a view of Saddleback  (Oh, how I miss thee Saddleback):SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Miles logged this morning:  6.50


  1. Great post Lauren! I agree with you 100%. I probably feel the same but I must say if I run on the road early morning while the sun comes up I feel happy too. So trail and road running makes me happy. I must add though that I am forever grateful for discovering trail running as nothing compares...

  2. Great post Lauren... I was thinking we should do a Candy store to Blue Jay and back.

  3. Thanks Johann. I really love the road when the sun comes up too. My road shoes are so thrashed right now, and I can't afford new ones, so for now it's just trails. But I can picture perfectly running down the highway with the sun peeking above the horizon. Awesome. Merry Christmas.

  4. Glad you liked the post Jeremy. Would love to do that candy store run. Let me know when you can. If I don't see you before then, Merry Christmas! And good luck to you and your wife on your upcoming races : )))