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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I’m Back

The Santa Ana winds arrived early this morning, furiously.  Trees swooshing, leaves rustling, and the sound of our washer/dryer enclosure door slamming into the backyard porch woke me over and over as I tried to squeeze in the last few hours of sleep. 

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           I couldn’t wait to get out and run.  I felt completely well, even with poor sleep.  I made it to the trails as soon as I could, hitting dirt at 9:00 AM.  I decided on Mentally Sensitive (Psycho-Path, which by the way, I altered the sign, but only in the picture). 

Aliso Canyon was still, seriously, not a single leaf stirred.  Though, I could tell that the Santa Anas were lurking because the weather had warmed significantly since yesterday.

Running up Mentally Sensitive:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I never weakened on this run, even when I reached Top of the World and the wind blew hard against my body.  The sound of the trees dancing in the wind was so loud it drowned out the music from my earphones.  I simply stood in the middle of it all to take in the wind’s majestic beauty, then took off running for the big loop, down Park Avenue Nature Trail with its Pacific Ocean view, then West Ridge toward Cholla Trail for a steepish descent. 

View of Saddleback Mountains from Park Avenue Nature Trail:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I figured that the wind would calm when I reached the bottom of Wood Canyon.  Though it was not as fierce, it still rustled the trees.  I took some single tracks off the main trail, up and down rolling hills.  I didn’t think about much, just keeping my footing and the feeling of gratitude for being well. 

I am back!

Running up to Wood Creek Trail for some technical single-track:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           I made one last stop at Dripping Cave, my official goofing off spot.  Here I thought I’d “feel my oats” and prove that all my strength did not in fact drain from me during my illness.  I did some push-ups on the bridge into the cave, for the camera of course.  I’m glad no one else stopped by the cave to witness my theatrics which I topped off with some side planks, because they take better pictures than regular planks (yet I post the pictures on the world wide web!)  Then I jumped up andSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           enjoyed the final stretch of 2.5 miles back to my truck. 

I ran this 13.32 mile (21.44 km) clockwise loop feeling strong the entire trip.  I reached the truck crusted in salt and extremely happy for these trails and the Santa Ana winds today (and the fact that they occurred in December when it’s cooler which meant less chance for fires).

Elevation Profile:My Activities Clockwise big loop Aliso Wood 12-1-2011, Elevation - Distance

Happy Trails!


  1. You are awesome! Don't know how you do the mileage you do and then ham it up for the camera!!!! Me, I just hope to get out of bed in the morning on the right side!
    Thanks for finding my Griffith pic.

  2. Thanks Rich! I am certainly a ham.

    See, I told you that you look strong and confident in that Griffith pic. : ) Thanks for reading.

  3. Nice, strong side plank. That picture of the Wood Creek Trail has me on the look out for elves or hobbits or something. :-)

    I am glad you were not blown away. Those winds were intense! There was a tree sticking out of my neighbors roof when I woke up this morning. What a surprise!

  4. Excellent! Glad to see your back....enjoy!

  5. Thanks Kate! I think of the same thing on Wood Creek Trail. It's like I'm going to turn a corner and find a Hansel and Gretal candy house.

    Sorry to hear about your neighbor's house. What a big bummer!

  6. Thanks Ed! It's good to be back. : )