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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On The Eighth Day

Well there, that’s done.  I broke my longest streak, by running 8 consecutive days.  On the 8th day of my running streak I met three friends (Kelly, Sheila and Michael) at Aliso/Wood Canyons on a cold, frosty morning.  And we ran through Aliso Canyon, shivering.

On the 8th day, I ran with my friends up Meadows Trail and we were warm before we even reached the top:

Top of Meadows:

On the 8th day, I ran with my 3 running friends to the Top of the World.  Then we ran down a steep, steep, technical trail called Car Wreck Trail, which if you are returning, you’ve seen more than once on this blog:

And there we posed in front of the graffiti-ridden wrecked car:

On the 8th day, we ran Car Wreck, to Oak Grove, and ran a short distance on Mathis where we took a fun detour with a nice climb to Dripping Cave Trail.    We meandered about the cave and took another group photo before running through a shady grove of trees back into Wood Canyon:

On the 8th day of my running streak, Michael found ice on Dripping Cave Trail, and somehow it was almost like finding diamonds:

And we were off to run the final stretch:

On the 8th day I got to see the blue heron that I usually see, and I caught another picture of it in flight, this time as Michael ran straight at it so that it would take off:

On the 8th day of Streaking into the New Year, I ran 9.35 miles.  That’s a little over 15 kilometers:My Activities Small Loop Aliso Woods 12-27-2011, Elevation - Distance

Then on the 8th day of my running streak, my Uncle Norman died, the older and only brother of my mother.  We are in mourning.  And in mourning, as in happiness, I want to get back out on the trail and run. 

You were a good man on Earth Uncle Norman.  I am happy and proud to have been a part of your life:Uncle_Norm


  1. Wow eventful 8 days of running. I do not live in the OC, yet I know where most of these trails are. My wife grew up nearby and we frequent the area a bunch.

    Sorry for your loss. Great looking picture of your Uncle.

  2. The skeleton on the car made me laugh.

    Sorry to hear of your Uncle. Sometimes the best way to mourn and grieve is to do so over exercise.

  3. Thanks again Slomohusky! Before I started trail running I would have never guessed that I had so many trails at my doorstep. : )

  4. thanks Khourt. What you write is true!