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Sunday, May 5, 2013

At Last!

I have been sick over the past week.  At the same time, I’ve been working more hours than ever (well, not really ever, but more than in a long time).  While I wasn’t working I slept.  And when I was working, I was hopped up on “severe cold” medicine.  It tasted like brandy.  Yucky.  To make matters worse, I couldn’t run.  I was just too ill.  And that depressed me.

Yesterday, I received terribly bad news about a friend.  My heart was broken.  I needed to run.  Instead, I slept and slept.

Then yesterday, my computer also crashed.  This time for good.  My truck then began running with an unusual, disturbing noise.  Yet, the computer and car news are nothing compared to our friend’s.  They are only things.  People.  That’s what is important.  Friends and family.  Oh, and trail running.  Smile 

This morning, it was time.  I felt well for more than 18 hours.  It was time to run.  I woke easily at 4:30 AM, drove under darkness at 5:15 AM into the lovely canyon town called Silverado.  Only two other cars were parked at the Maple Springs trailhead.  But I saw no one. 

I wondered how I’d handle running uphill for 7.5 miles after an entire week off from running.  I thought it might find it brutally difficult.  Surprisingly, I simply took off running in the cool misty morning, as if nothing was amiss.  Birds sang and chirped so loudly, I thought it sounded like a jungle.  Purple lupin were in full bloom.  So were an array of different yellow, red and violet flowers. 

Running the first few miles of paved uphill on Maple Springs Road:

I warmed up right away, but didn’t want to stop to unlayer until I reached a good stopping place – something with a good lookout and a spot to set my camera for shots.  I actually have a specific stopping point on Maple Springs.  It’s at about mile four.  I don’t like to stop too much because taking off and putting back on the pack takes too much time.  When I finally reached that point, I set the camera on timed release for a quick show of the process.  (Yes, I’m silly like that)

Ready to roll:

As I ran the remainder of Maple Springs, I took in awesome beauty.  At the same time, my mind began to roam.  I sobbed once for our friend.  Then I forced myself not to think.  When anything passed my mind, I forcefully told myself, “DO NOT THINK.  ENJOY THE MOMENT.”

I spotted a deer up ahead on the way up.  She hopped away like a bunny.  I saw another on the way down.  May have been the same doe.  She hopped away like a bunny as well.  I didn’t see a single person on my way up.  At “Four Corners” where I fully expect to find cyclists and runners, I was completely alone.  It was glorious.  The air was wet.  The mist was so thick I couldn’t even see Modjeska Peak which was a mere mile away. 

A view (or non-view) of Modjeska Peak from “Four Corners.”

A quick stop at “Four Corners” before heading down:

Going down:

So glad to run today.  So, so glad

Miles run:  15.59 (25.09k)  Elevation gain: 4,223’ (1,287.2m)

Running Maple Springs out-and-back 5-5-2013, Elevation


  1. sorry to hear the news regarding your friend, but glad to see you were feeling better and able to get out for a run! hope the computer info was saved/recoverable and that truck is chugging along better. always good to keep those kinds of things in perspective.

  2. Thanks Lindsay. I appreciate your comments. :)