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Monday, May 20, 2013

Overdressed (again)

I felt too worn out to run trails this morning.  But I know that I can’t run three days this week due to other obligations.  So, I HAD TO run this morning if I wanted four running days.  Believe me.  I would have much rather gone back to sleep after I made the boys breakfast and lunches, and drove them off to school.  Actually, I would have much rather stayed in bed to begin with and lazily got up, say around 11 AM. 

We were socked in this morning in our seaside town. The breeze was cool, the air damp.  I put on a long sleeved running shirt, filled a handheld and out the door I went for a drive to Aliso/Wood Canyons. 

My run began beneath gray cool skies.  My trot was slow, but deliberate.  I passed two coyotes as they meandered through the dry grass alongside my single-track trail. 

Quick stop in Wood Canyon to stretch tight shins:

Barely a half mile passed running through the dry, yet lovely golden meadows on Meadows Trail, when the sun popped out from the clouds.  Suddenly the sky was blue, and my shirt dripped sweat.  Yup, overdressed again.  I turned my hat around and I begun to think that perhaps a handheld wasn’t the best idea for today’s ten mile loop.  (I turn my hat around because the rim traps heat in around my face, and I hate that). 

A little heat won’t hurt me though, especially dry heat.  As long as I’m not lost and I have access to water, I know I’m okay.  And there’s places with drinking fountains that I know of along the ridge.  But first, there was getting to the ridge.  Of which I, in my infinite wisdom chose the steepest hill (why?  because it’s the steepest hill) to get there. 

Climbing Mentally Sensitive was a bear as usual.  I had to fight against conserving water.  It’s almost a natural inclination when fluids are limited.  I’ve found though that it’s never a good idea to conserve water when I need it.   

A typical step up Mentally Sensitive:

And isn’t it all worth it? (View from Mentally Sensitive):

At the ridge, I debated running the next mile or so to Alta Laguna Park at The Top of the World with about a 1/4 filled handheld.  There was a closer fountain, but I’d have to backtrack to get to it.  I don’t like backtracking.  “I can do it,” I thought.  “It’s only about a mile.”  This is what heat does to a person – it makes you stupid.  But I hadn’t gone completely overboard as the salt dripped down into my eyes.  I told myself, “Don’t be a fool!  How many times do you have to learn?  REFILL.”  And so I ran in the opposite direction into Moulton Park to refill my handheld.  Good thing too.  I drank all of it during that short mile to the next fountain. 

After reaching Top of the World and refilling again, I took the ridge to Mathis Trail for a long downhill trip on an exposed trail with absolutely no shade at all.  By now I would have ripped off my long sleeves and ran in my running bra if I wasn’t so dang modest.  Note to self:  It’s practically summertime.  Time to layer!

In all, these ten miles were a true delight.  (Despite my sleepy sarcasm.  It’s SO past my bedtime). 

Running down Mathis into Wood Canyon:

The Profile:  (Yikes!  Actually, not as bad as it looks):Running Up Mentally Sensitive down Mathis 5-20-2013, Elevation


  1. Great run as always, well done! I'm often over dressed but prefer that to not dressing warm enough. I love your "typical step" :)

  2. I am trying to get the whole dressing thing right. And I still mess up. I hate having to lug along extra clothing. Thanks for your comments, as always Johann!