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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trail Box Launch / Review

When I was a child I traveled to Seattle with my parents.  Several of the stores had “grab bags” for sale.  I got to pick out a brown paper bag with no idea what was inside.  These were always filled with fun little goodies, toys and such.  Great fun!  It’s a fond childhood memory.  Well, I recently learned that there’s something quite similar for trail running.  At Trail-box.com you can purchase a box a month with trail running tools / essentials.  (The deal for their launch is that you pay $1 for the first month, $10 for the second month.  That’s $11 for 2 months, and you buy when you want.  No obligation to purchase every month).  When Trail Box contacted me with an offer to try out their box I jumped at the chance.  The idea brought back those fond memories of Seattle.

Very quickly I received a plain wrapped package with a box inside, just like the one below (picture taken from their facebook page):


This is what I received:  Trailwind Endurance Fuel (Mandarin Orange powder shake with 4 servings), 1 Energy Electro Delytes Citrus Bar, 2 OnTheGo “towels for men” (for the private parts rashing situations), 2 Tecnu samples and coupon (medicated poison ivy scrub), and lastly, a sturdy plastic, sealable Tecnu pouch. 

Well, that pouch made this trail box well worth it for me!  I immediately thought that it was a perfect map holder.  Do you recall the time I got lost on Texas trails?  I pulled out my map to find it disintegrated from my sweat.  This pouch would have come in very handy then.  It can basically hold any small item, like a phone, that needs moisture protection.  And it has an adjustable cord to conveniently carry or attach if you don’t just shove it into your pack like I will. 

The Tecno cream and OnTheGo towels I will not personally use.  So far, I have been immune to poison oak, but it’s small enough that I can put it in my pack for someone else to use.  And the OnTheGo towels, I’ll keep those on me as well.  I have run with several males who could have used these (probably more that I know, because some guys don’t really talk about this need to female runners). Winking smile

Lastly, the big surprise for me was the Electro Delytes Energy bar.  It was absolutely DELICIOUS.  I’m just just saying that.  I truly found it delightful, like a lemony desert.  I’m not one to try new energy bars because I have my usuals.  Now, I’ve added another to my list of regulars.

I think Trail Box is a fun and inexpensive idea.  It goes with the adventurer in me that’s always looking forward to a surprise.   The best part was the variety, enclosing items that cover an array of trail running needs.  

Thanks Trail Box for letting me sample!


  1. I love the idea and wish someone here would start that. I am quite a sucker for things like this.

    1. Thanks for reading Johann. I would enjoy ordering this every month.

  2. Thanks for the great review Lauren. Stoked to enjoyed everything. See you on the trails!

    1. Thanks for the sample. I hope to order a box here and there soon. See you on the trails!