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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Road to The Top of the World

This morning I took another journey to Top of the World in Laguna Beach.  How many times have I made that trip?  I can’t say.  I can say that it’s never terrible, even the hardest portions.  And the prize is such a delight – a grand view of the Pacific Ocean, The Saddleback Mountains and The San Gabriels. 

This morning the weather was cool and gray, even slightly damp.  I came upon several hikers on West Ridge, some cyclists and countless bluish lizards doing push-ups in the dirt.  The road to Top of the World is never boring.  Today, I was practically in a trance when I noticed that what I thought was a branch sticking out of the dirt was really a gopher.  At times deer roam the road.  Once I saw a bobcat run across it.  Several rattlers have made themselves known to me on the way to Top of the World.  But, not today.  The weather was just too cool for rattlers to stretch out across the road.  Sometimes I reach the top and there’s so many people, it’s like a party.  Today, I was the only person.  And that is sometimes a joy.  Like it was today. 

The Road to Top of the World:

Made it!

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