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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thirteen Miles of HOT, Joyful HOT

I couldn’t believe the large number of cars parked at Aliso Wood Canyons this morning.  Yet, in over thirteen miles of trails, I saw only three or four other people.  Where were all the others?  Perhaps they were picnicking in the meadows.  I don’t think so.  The meadows have now turned brown.  Maybe they were breaking the rules and going off trail.  Nah.  I think most of the visitors found a good spot of shade.  It was HOT today.  A lovely, dry hot.  But then, every so often I was awarded a nice cool breeze.  Beautiful.

Stretching ever-so-slightly tight calves and shins about two miles in: 

A long, lonely path through the meadow on my way to the big Climb:

The Big Climb:

Top of the World:

Wood Canyon:

The Profile:Running Big Loop 5-15-2013, Elevation

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