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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Remember the time . . .

The marine layer burned off fairly early this morning.  Probably by 6:00 AM.  This meant the possibility of some heat training today by 9:00 AM when I finally took off.  Oddly, I have some romantic notion about complete heat misery.  Remember the time . . . we ran out of water . . . Remember the time . . . it felt like torches were burning our legs.  Wow!  Those were some good times. Winking smile

Oh, the silly antics of a trail runner. 

With less time to spend this morning on the trails, I decided for a “smaller” Aliso/Wood Canyons loop – almost the smallest loop I run in the park.  Instead of going up the grueling Mentally Sensitive, I went up Meadows.  Now the difference between the two is this:  Mentally Sensitive is so steep that it’s unrunnable.  I power hike most of it.  Meadows, though ridiculously steep, is steep enough to run.  Therefore, I run all of it.  Insanely, wildly, yes, this is what I do.

The first gigantic ascent is the last mile or so of Meadows (from about 2 miles to 3.25, then there’s more climb toward Top of the World):

Running Up Mentally Sensitive down Mathis 5-29-2013, Elevation

Well, the thing about Meadows, actually any climb, is to take one step at a time.  I tried that this morning.  I didn’t think about the end, or how many switchbacks I had left.  Thing was, sweat was already pouring down my back by mile two.  The heat bared down in vengeance.  As if, I did anything to him.  Smile

I’ll tell you.  It wasn’t pretty.  I so very much wanted to stop, or even just hike.  But I told myself, “No!  You’ve run this before.  Don’t be a wuss.”  And despite all the misery in the scorching heat up this ridiculous climb, I made it.  (I was delighted too, that the cyclist below didn’t pass me).

Meadows Trail (& yes, I’m wearing cotton):

A quick pose (really an excuse to rest at the top of Meadows):

I made Top of the World in about my regular time.  Not my regular quick time, but my regular slow time. That’s okay.  My shirt was drenched.  And all I really felt was relief – relief that the main uphill was over, and relief that this loop was less than ten miles.  Yay!

I ran down Mathis Trail for my trip back into Wood Canyon.  I met several hikers and cyclists struggling up in the heat.  With no shade whatsoever on Mathis, I was surely glad my trip travelled downward. 

Mathis Trail:

The GPS:Running Up Mentally Sensitive down Mathis 5-29-2013


  1. Wow, that looks really adventurous!

    1. That's why I love trail running. Thanks for reading Momshomerun!

  2. You are a true trail beast! One step at a time works for sure.

    1. Thanks Johann. One step at a time works for lots of things, doesn't it. Pretty much life in general.

  3. Now thats what I call a lollipop for adults!