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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sporadic Running

Miles have been so sporadic lately.  It makes me nervous.  This shouldn’t make me nervous.  Why?  The answer lies in why I run.  I run because I love an adventure; I love running trails; I love to sweat.  So, why does sporadic miles make me nervous?  It’s because I fear that I will somehow fall ridiculously out of shape, that I won’t be able to run for fun. (Remember there was a time when I couldn’t run a neighborhood block, a time when I couldn’t even sit an hour without a cigarette).   But now, after at least 15 years of not smoking, and some years of running, running and learning, I CAN FUN FOR FUN.  I can!  (Just as long as I run a couple times a week.). 

THIS WEEK, we have had only ONE car.  Yes, I mentioned my truck is making a loud noise.  But my truck is still running (and I’m praying that I get it to the shop before it stops running).  Meanwhile, hubby’s car konked out this week.  Konked out as in, died.  Would not turn over, etc.  This of course, made running trails impossible.  I’ve also had that nasty computer crash, which means I haven’t tallied my actual miles or elevation gain.  But all that has been moot.  It’s really moot.  We have a friend in hospice care right now, which is most on my mind at the moment.  I haven’t visited him, yet I left an awkward voicemail on his phone.  We are all heart-broken in our home right now.  Yet, we don’t show it so much.  As most in the human race, we try to cover. 

I’ve also got senior high school students struggling to finish credit recovery in time to finish for graduation (a mere 4 weeks away!!).  All this is life.  It’s no harder or easier than others.  It’s just my life.  And like most, I think, I’ve got countless neglected aspirations and necessities to boot as well.  {I have to take something back.  I believe lots of people have a harder life than I do}

Good news is, as of this evening (Thursday) we have two working cars.  Yay! 

Before I knew that, I was able to steal our one car away and squeeze in a “short” trail run to The Top of the World in Laguna Beach this morning.  Miles totaled 6.5.  I fared pretty dang decently, especially with the extra weight I’ve put on, and the sporadic miles I’ve been running.  Best of all, I enjoyed myself.  I enjoyed the moment.  I enjoyed my life.  I enjoyed this glorious earth . . .   Yes, it’s true.  Really . . . this is what running can do.  

Prickly Pear are in bloom!  Fabulous. SmileIMG_5022IMG_5024

Headed toward Top of the World:IMG_5026

Yup, this is it, Top of the World, a view of the Pacific Ocean from Laguna Beach, California:IMG_5028

Miles and elevation gained on this delightful morning:Running Cyn Vistas to TOW and back 5-9-2013, Elevation


  1. Nice run indeed! We also have Prickly Pears but obviously they are not flowering now. You run in a beautiful place. I'm now done with the road races and start my serious trail season now. Can't wait!

  2. I tried to pick a Prickly Pear once, I was dying to know what they taste like. Big mistake. I didn't realize that even when you can't see the thorns, they are there, microscopic, practically invisible. Ouch. Have fun during trail season!