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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 26

Rain began to pour down well before midnight Friday.  Still, I set my alarm for an early morning wake time, hoping to get in a mountain run Saturday.  Wind howled throughout the night as rain pounded down upon our roof.  At times, it sounded like our roof was being ripped apart.  6AM my alarm rang out.  I reached for the floor and picked up my phone while focusing my hearing on the outside world.  Eventually I could hear that the rain still poured down.  I went back to sleep.  7AM, I woke again and nudged my husband.  “Is it still raining?” I asked.  “It’s pouring,” he said.  And so back to sleep I fell.

I didn’t wake fully until 9AM when my dog awoke me as she ran about the yard and barked.  The wind was still howling.  My youngest son was awake in the “Man Cave,” (Our video game/terrarium room).  I called in the doggie and caught a glimpse of the skies.  Surprisingly, even as the wind howled ferociously, the skies were blue and bright.  Perhaps I can run today, I thought. Smile

I did not get into my truck until 10:45AM.  I had no choice but to run in the mountains (that is, if I wanted trails).  Yay!!!  After the rains, all trails in the lowlands (the coastal hills and foothills) are closed.  I picked a route that was quick so that I would get home at a decent hour.  Still, my drive time was over an hour.  I did not park my truck on Maple Springs Road until 12:00PM. 

When I set off running up Maple Springs Road in Silverado Canyon, the air was cold, the skies were blue with puffy clouds that casted giant shadows on the terrain below.  I had a lovely uphill run to “Four Corners.”  Occasionally, I needed to run up the trail side to avoid a large puddle.  Off-roaders and dirt bikers also passed me on the way up.  Some stopped to chat with me, oddly curious as to why I was running up this mountain.  It doesn’t seem so odd to me that someone would run up a mountain.  It also doesn’t seem that odd that someone would drive up a rocky dirt road.  Just being in the mountains high above the cities, seems reason enough to endure whatever it takes to get there.

I reached “Four Corners” feeling comfortable.  And so I headed off for some extra mileage toward Bald Peak.  Of course, the run to Bald Peak was longer than it looked from afar.  And it was more uphill.  But, I can do uphill, right?  Yup.  I can.  Especially if it means I can add in some power hiking, which I gladly did.  From Bald Peak I took some photos, then headed back for the long downhill trip to my truck.

Views from Bald Peak:

I made excellent time (for me) on my trip back down.  I felt strong, even on the rocky terrain.  I was able to hop over the gulley’s left by the rains.  I was able to quicken my pace with just a thought.  I felt satisfied with my progress when I finally reached my truck.

10.71 miles run (17.24 km).  Day 26 complete!

4 26 14 maple springs to boyd peak


  1. Where do you freaking live that you have such beautiful trails so close! I am always filled with envy!

    And yay for the weather cooperating so you could get your run in :)

    1. I am very fortunate! I live in Southern California, Orange County, which is on the coast, about a 2 1/2 hour drive to the Mexican Border. Thanks for reading. :)