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Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 3 and 4

Day three: I had a lunch date with two girlfriends and work Thursday evening.  So, very gladly, I was able to fit in a flat run along the local beaches after I got the boys off to school and before lunch.   Thus completed day three of my Easter running streak

Day 4: Today was a bit tougher.  After substitute teaching high school Spanish, though a relatively tranquil day, I arrived home beat.  I could have very easily skipped today’s run had I not committed to this Easter streak.   About 4:30 pm, I ran out the door in my pajama shorts – yes, you read that correctly, my pajama shorts.  They aren’t actually pj’s, but very loose, short-shorts that I often wear to bed.  That’s how lazy I felt.  I was dressed for bed, yet strapped on my shoes and headed out the door. 

So uncomfortable I felt with those loose, short-shorts riding up my thighs, I thought, I’ll just put in one or two miles.  My discomfort however, was so maddening, that I turned back to the house and changed my shorts.  Oh what a difference clothing makes!  I put on tight fitting capri running pants and headed back out, feeling oh so much better.  I thought that perhaps I’d put in more than a mile or two. 

Mural beneath the pedestrian bridge that crosses over Hwy 1 to the beaches:

By the time I reached Doheny Beach, I realized that I was running amidst a Ragnar Relay.  You can imagine my delight!  How wonderful is it to see a whole bunch of running nuts, and their crews congregating at my beach!  I spoke briefly with one relay team to learn that this relay began in Irvine (which is about 25 to 30 miles away).  Oh, the fun!

The Ragnar running chute:

Running amongst all those psycho runners really changed my attitude about this evening’s run.  I was delighted to put in more miles than I planned.  This of course turned out wonderfully.  On the harbor island, I was privileged to take in one of my favorite sights – a bunch of pelicans following a boat on its way on into the marina. 

Miles run for day four:  6.16


  1. Well done Lauren! I run early morning to make sure life does not interfere.But I'm sure somewhere along the line I will hit some hickup :) That mural is awesome!

    1. Thanks Johann. I love morning runs too. Very difficult for me to get out in the afternoon.