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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mama Said There’ll Be Days Like This

Running streak going strong (well, not necessarily strong, but at least still going Winking smile)

Day 22:  Tuesday was busy with getting the boys back to school, doing chores, etc.  I watched my youngest during his after school running program, then visited my brother in the hospital.  In the evening I was off to teach an adult Excel class at a local high school.  Somewhere in all this, I squeezed in a minimum run about the neighborhood totaling 1.20 miles (1.9 km). Nothing to write home about, but I did work up a sweat, and I did meet my minimum to continue this streak.  

Day 23:  Today was a little less hectic.  I ran first thing, or almost first thing (after getting the boys off to school), so that I wouldn’t flake and opt for a back-to-back minimum.   I hit the dirt in Aliso/Wood Canyons and soon found myself making and receiving work calls concerning my classes.  I was happy to finalize some things and was able to run more freely.  Soon however, I felt weak and tired, and the negative, “I’m no runner,” talk came prancing in. 

Despite my weakness and slight negative talk, I managed to run 11 miles (17.70 km) in this wonderful “wilderness” park.  I’ve put in enough miles in my short running career to know there’d be days like this.  And so, I went with it – hiking when it became too much and always, always remembering to appreciate the beauty.  And it was a beauty.  No matter how tough the trails become, they’re always beautiful.


  1. Well done on keeping the streak alive and beautiful pictures (as always)!

  2. Well done Lauren! You have so many beautiful trails and routes to choose from. I only run trails on the weekends and stick to the road during the week.

    1. Thanks Johann. I am very fortunate. I really should get out on the road more often though. I rarely vary it up.