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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easter Streak

I might as well face the fact that I’m a counter.  I have been a counter for as long as I remember.  I counted my books, my records, my dolls as a young girl.  Now, I count steps.  I count hills.  I count caterpillars.  Right now, I’m counting a variety of things.  Today is the 52nd day of my fitness streak.  Today is also the 28th day of my One Hundred Happy Day Challenge.  In addition Winking smile (seriously), today is my 29th day without sweets.  And last, but not least, today is day two of my Easter Running Streak. 

When I read that my blogging friend, Johann, was beginning a streak on April 1st, I could not resist.  I’ve often thought of running as a celebration.  Why not streak out the month of April to celebrate Easter?   I realize that merely because I use the term celebration does not mean this streak is going to be easy.  It will be a challenge.  A big challenge.  I feel an added bit of strength knowing that Johann will be attempting a streak as well.  

My rules:  Run every day during the month of April.  Minimum 1.01 miles.  During this month, I’m taking a break from achieving weekly mileage goals.  It’s just going to be about running, and running period. 

Time to celebrate!

Day 1 (Tuesday):  On day one, I was ready to pull a minimum.  Having substitute taught 4th grade during the day, and taught my regular adult class in the evening, I had no choice but to run in the afternoon between the two jobs.  If you know me, you know that I don’t like running in the afternoon.  I should re-state that.  If I start in the morning, I don’t mind one bit, running into the afternoon.  I just don’t like to start my run in the afternoon.  I’m too wiped out from everyday things by then. 

DSC01606On the first day of my streak however, I did manage to pull off more than a mile.  I ran straight out my front door and took a quick run down to the marina.  In total, I ran 3.20 miles. 

Day 2 (Wednesday):  Today, I got out in the morning, for an after-rain run on trails.  It rained throughout the night, so I didn’t even attempt to run in the coastal hills.  The powers-that-be close those trails even with a moderate rain.  Instead, I headed off to the foothills for a jaunt along Tijeras Creek Trail.  From there, I ran a lush Arroyo Trabuco Trail until time dictated that I head back.  At that point in the trail, I stopped in front of three deer who stood so perfectly still in the high grass, I was a bit confused for a fleeting moment.  I wondered if they were perhaps deer-mannequins.  (Haha, I’m serious).  And then one of them blinked.  After making eye contact with each other for several minutes, I turned around and headed back to Tijeras Creek. 

On the way back, I didn’t take off my shoes before the last creek crossing like I did on the way in.  My feet were already wet from falling in the full creek earlier, so I just plodded through the low-shin-deep waters back toward my truck. 

Miles run on day two:  10.35


  1. Awesome Lauren! Great to do the streak with you. I have day 4 under the belt and I'm enjoying it a lot. Next week wil become a little harder but luckily we are tough :)

    1. :) The first week has proved to be a little tough for me. Hoping for it to ease up next week. Spring break for us next week. Yay!