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Friday, April 25, 2014

Dirt Paths and Tracks

Day 24:  Ran 10.34 miles (16.64 km) in Aliso Wood Canyons.  I ran the canyon route along a shady dirt path.  Then I took a detour off to one of my happy places, Cave Rock Trail.  There I watched lizards scamper across the rock.  And I stood high on the giant rock and peered down into the valley below.  That alone rejuvenated me.  From there, I ran up Meadows Trail, a steep switch-back, single track trail that dumped me off on the ridge line overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  It was a long, hot trip back along the ridge.  Fortunately, it was mainly all downhill from there. Smile

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My time on Cave Rock:

Day 25:  It was off the dirt path and onto the track today.  Not my choice of course.  But I am fortunate to have had the opportunity.  I subbed 7th grade girls P.E. and ran with my class during two of the periods  I think the kids enjoyed it, as most of them hate to run, and they liked the idea that the substitute was assigning them something that she would do herself.  Miles run:  3 (4.83 km).

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