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Friday, April 11, 2014


IMG_0093This week is spring break for me and the boys.  Early on, we packed up and headed for the woods in the Cleveland National Forest with Papa (my hubby).  The weather was warm for early spring (90F +), the grass was lush and green.   We took mountain hikes with ocean views.  We hiked down a long ravine in search of a small waterfall that we never found.  We sat around the campfire and told stories.  We roasted marshmallows.  The boys learned to tie different knots.  This wasn’t a time however, for a lot of running.  It was family mountain time.  So, after our hikes, I put in some minimum miles to keep up my Easter running streak.   


Day 8:  After a walkabout and setting up camp, I ran about the campground for 1.73 miles.

Day 9:  We took a good long hike in the morning.  Then before our evening hike, I ran along San Juan Trail for 1.20 miles. 


Day 10: Back at home, late evening, I went off to the grocery store to put some food in our bare cupboards.  An employee was pushing one of those motorized carts that was stacked so high he couldn't see over it.  I didn't even hear him coming down the aisle when he plowed into the back of my legs.   My left calf hurt so much, I couldn't stand or keep my breath very good.   The damage:  broken skin, a small cut, a big bruise and a lot of swelling.  After some icing and a little "shaking out," I was okay. But, it was not a good scene -- the guy who hit me felt so badly, he was falling over himself with apologies. I was so afraid he was going to be fired, the manager was so afraid I was going to sue him. The fright that I got was the worst part.  The injury was not terrible, but bad enough, that I decided to put in another minimum and ran 1.81 miles around town.

Day 11:  I set my alarm to wake early and put in a good long run.  However, my leg ached still.  I decided to give it another day of rest and opted for yet another minimum.  This afternoon I ran 1.42 miles about town. 

Thus ends my several days of minimums (hopefully).

All’s well that ends well.  Smile

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