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Monday, January 30, 2012

After 42 Consecutive Days . . .

After 42 consecutive days of running, I am not injured.  That is a hoot because I have often read that people over forty should not run every day, else risk injury.  It’s also a hoot  because prior to 2011 I was Ms. Injury.  Keep in mind that I have been working on my form, actually changed it back in early 2011.  And I’m still working on perfecting it.  I also stretch after every run.  I never stretch before I run.  I foam roll every day, and do some hip and glute exercises every day. 

After 42 consecutive days of running, my legs feel heavier, as in tighter and stronger, like they are harder with more muscle.  I occasionally have felt little aches along right IT band (always the right).  But have been able to “iron” them out over night (so far!).

After 42 consecutive days of running, I am tired.  I nap more often; sometimes twice a day.  I also consume way more calories than normal, and as such am fearful of the scale.

Today, I put in a nice and easy 5.09 miles running at the beach – very little running on the sand.  I ran mostly on asphalt and sidewalk all the way to where the sidewalk ends.  Then I turned around and ran home.

Surf & sand and a thousand birds

And this guy takes the lead . . .

“Where the sidewalk ends.”


  1. Awesome job on the injury free streak!!!! Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Stacey. I love trail running. My biggest goal is to do it injury-free. And there was a time I didn't think that was possible. Thanks for reading!