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Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Run For 2012

I am not going to look back on 2011 like I usually do in the new year blog entry.  Though I really enjoy reading other blog entries that do this.  If I look back, I fear that I will turn into a pillar of salt.

I am also not going to look forward.  Nor am I going to make a New Year’s Resolution.  To make one would simply be stating exactly what I’m going to do for about a day . . . then quit.

Instead, I’m going to roll into the new year with a motto, “Do Better,” and I’m just going to keep on keeping in the moment.  That is not to say that I’m not going to plan or look to the future.  Nor is it to say that I will never look back.  It’s just that the moment is the easiest place to be for me.  And I like easy.  If you are a returning visitor you may think, “I’ve seen your elevation profiles – you don’t like easy!”  Believe me, I do.  I love EASY.  And those huge elevation profiles, they are what help get me back to easy.

Late this morning, I ran my first run in 2012 (my 13th consecutive day running).  And believe it or not, it was an easy run down to the beach, even though sweat ran like a running faucet.  That always happens on a recovery run.  I consider today’s run a “recovery” run. 

The day was warm and droves of people made their way down to the beaches.  This is what we do in coastal Southern California on New Year’s Day.  Sorry. 

I flew down the steps, actually jumping some onto the landings.  Really.  I realize it doesn’t look like I can do that, but I did.  I ran along the sand enjoying the surf as it pounded in.  I only saw one other runner.  But I saw lots of surfers and beach-goers this warm winter day of 2012.  Joyful.

The Strands, looking toward The Headlands:

I jumped onto the rock base of The Headland cliffs and spent some time with the sea creatures in the tide pools.  And I enjoyed the waves crashing upon the rocks.  I didn’t contemplate a thing.  I have MUCH on my mind, which is exactly why I didn’t contemplate a single thing.  I didn’t want to “go there.”  Instead I reveled in the the colors: greens, blues,  and browns.  With my back to the waves, I took some photos and then I was off, running along the dry sand to the steps back out of the beach. 

I ran The Headland Trails, which were crowded with walkers.  All the lookout points were taken.  However, I was able to get a few good shots in before heading out to the highway where I ran back home (without jay-walking, or rather jay-running).  The restaurants were more crowded than I’ve ever seen, with late breakfast-goers probably after a wild night of New Year’s Eve Parties.  The overall town seemed to be in a happy, yet somber mood.

Looking at a lone sail boat from The Headlands:

An odd pose on The Headlands (when I stood, the camera cut off my head):

View of the marina as I ran back to the highway:

4.75 miles run today. (7.64 km)


  1. Great pics again. I agree with you about making new changes.. They are hardly ever kept. I only wrote mine down because its things Im already building on, and I figure its stuff Ill actually do ;)

    I like your theme. last year I chose "More" as mine.

    This year Im chosing "Less"
    Less stress - less clutter - less fuss - etc

  2. I love your theme, "Less". I need less too. Thanks for reading!