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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Countdown Begins

Today was the thirty-second consecutive day of running as I approach one of my favorite races of the year . . . the race that started it all.  The race that turned me into a trail runner: Calico Ghost Town Trail Run.

The nightmares have not begun – nightmares about being unable to find the start line, or running in sandals, one shoe, or even naked.  I feel alright about the approaching challenge.  Actually, I’m not thinking about it much at all.  I’m too busy packing for this weekend trip.   I am however beginning to feel little aches and pains.  I’ve foam rolled at least 3 times already tonight, not to mention nervously done clams and bridges on my living room floor. 

The only reason I ever hit the trails was so that I could train for Calico.  Sunday will be the fourth consecutive year that I’ve run it.  Sunday will be the third year that I’ve brought my husband and our boys along.  Sunday will be the first race that my girlfriend and her children will join us the night before for some cabin-like “camping”, and the first race that my mother, father, sister and youngest brother will attend.  Calico is the race of firsts.

Of course, I will come in nowhere near first place.  And I doubt my wisdom in running the day up to this race.  Originally,  I “semi” planned to run a only a mile each day from Wednesday onward.  Instead today, I hit the trails with my friend Michael for a nice (yet challenging) out-and-back to Top of the World in Laguna Beach. 

And I over-dressed again.  With the heater on in the car the entire trip, I wore long sleeves.  Those sleeves came off at the top of the first climb.  They would have come off a lot quicker if I hadn’t been working so hard to kind of keep up with Michael, who runs those climbs amazingly. 

A Beautiful Day for Running / A Beautiful Day at Top of the World:

Heading Back on this Out-And-Back:

5.93 hard miles run today (9.54 km):My Activities out and back to top of world 1-20-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. Look at those legs! No wonder he is a super climber!!
    Hope you have a fantastic, problem free race. And that you squeeze(d) in a mile today to continue the sreak!

    BTW I dont know if its on your end or mine, but Ive been having a lot of problems commenting on your blog lately. The comment form doesnt load.

    1. I know Khourt -- he has amazing quads to carry him up those hills.

      My friend had a problem commenting also. He changed his browser settings to "allow 3rd party cookies." I'm not sure how he figured this out, or why it worked. But now he can comment. I couldn't comment on anyone's blog for the longest time when I was using Internet Explorer. Oddly, I have no problem when I use Firefox.

      Thanks for reading!