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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Things I See

Day 35 of Streaking into the New Year it poured rain most of the day.  Mid morning, the downpour let up some, and I ran out the door to run 2.35 miles (3.78 km) beneath dark, rainy skies.  I did not feel the joy.

Day 36 of Streaking into the New Year the skies cleared up.  But I had no gas, as in gasoline.  Well, I had just enough gas to drive the boys to school and get to work and back.  I didn’t have enough to drive to even close-by trails.  So, I ran out the door, onto the pavement once again.  And it wasn’t so bad.  I really needed this run – let’s call it a “Mental Health” run.  I got to thinking as I ran all over the place and into the next town and back, about all the great things I see when I run.  Sure, trails are awesome, majestic actually.  But I see lots of fine things running the roads too. 

I ran 10.81 miles (17.40 km) today, and these are just a smidgen of the interesting things I saw as I ran about the locale:   

San Juan Creek emptying into the Pacific Ocean at Doheny Beach:

I know, I didn’t actually see myself, but this is the where the bike path starts that travels along San Juan Creek, I ran it into San Juan Capistrano:

Thousands of seagulls basking in the creek (many of them are unseen, off-camera):

Trabuco Creek about to empty into San Juan Creek:

Bridge crossing:

El Camino Real Park (runs along the railroad tracks):

And wouldn’t you know – a train whizzes by:

Trabuco Creek:

Running back through El Camino Real Park:

A Catholic Church downtown San Juan Capistrano:

Los Rios District:

Hello Emu!

A cellphone smashed into the asphalt on the bike trail:


  1. Thanks for the kind words on my blog Lauren! I'm positive we'll meet in person one day. 19 August I'm running Pikes Peak with Jill so who knows...maybe somewhere during that trip we meet. I love this post with the things you see. Thanks!

  2. Hey thanks Lauren for commenting on my blog as well - always nice!

    Pretty much every run is "mental health" run isn't it? :)

    I wish I lived where you live. Will be in the area in few weeks though - Surf City HM.

    1. Slomohusky, yes, I think that most every run is a "mental health" run. Good luck at Surf city!!! You will be so close this weekend, yet, I will probably be traveling inland for a trail run. Have fun in Huntington Beach!!!

  3. It feels funny seeing non-trail pictures from you, but I like it. 99% of my runs begin out my front door and I normally end up seeing the same stuff. Im bad with switching it up, but only because I fear getting dog bit.

    1. Thanks for reading Khourt -- the nice thing about running out the front door is that it doesn't cost a dime in gas. Switching it up is good for me -- in fact, I kind of need it. I understand the dog situation though. When I run in Texas and find a route without dogs, I stick to that route. : )

  4. Johann! Thanks for reading. I am jealous AND HAPPY that you are running Pikes Peak. I would love to run that race. But it won't be this summer : ( Definitely on my bucket list. Congrats again!