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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Still Streaking

I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up – that is, Streaking into the New Year.  Yesterday, between chores, appointments and work, I managed to fit in a three mile trail run during the middle of a heat wave.  I found some enjoyment in the run.  Bullfrogs croaked.  Skies were blue.  And I ran a shady Wood Creek Trail where I stood no more than five feet from a doe, behind me a running creek.  Lovely.

Today, I felt better about putting in a run, though the morning began roughly (kids!).  I think as soon as my feet hit the dirt this morning’s harshness melted away.  HOWEVER, my right calve was extremely tight.  I stopped twice within the first mile to stretch it out.  After that, it felt better.  Besides the tight calve, after sixteen consecutive days of running, my boobs ache.  I realize that’s a bit too much information.  But I like to be frank about my great enjoyment of the trails as well as the woes of running.  They have after all, been bouncing around for 16 days now!

With limited time, I took to the local coastal hills, Aliso/Wood Canyons and headed up Meadows trail.  It isn’t Mentally Sensitive, but Meadows is a dang good climb.  Though it’s longer, it is much easier mentally for me, being a switchback trail.  Love those switchbacks!  I almost passed the biker up ahead of me, but when he stopped to rest, I saw that he turned to see me gaining on him.  At that point, he hurried on up the hillside.  Several other mountain bikers whizzed down Meadows as well, which surprised me for a weekday.  I rarely see anyone on this trail during the week.

I felt wonderful after today’s run.  Then I was off again, running errands, grocery shopping, washing dishes, doing laundry and finally getting ready for work.  Today was my long day – I got home way past my bed time.

Making this entry “shortish” to cut to the pictures . . .

View looking back while RUNNING up Meadows:

At top of Meadows headed to Top of the World:

Look at how many mountain bikers are at Top of the World on a Wednesday morning!!

Breakfast time at Top of the World:

Car Wreck Trail:

Miles run today:  9.40 (15.13 km)

Elevation Profile:My Activities Meadows down Car wreck 1-4-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. Today is my 11th day streaking.. I dont run as much as you, nor as fast, so my ta-tas are still fine.. But now Im going to be wondering about them and waiting for them to get sore ;)

  2. 11 days -- that is fantastic Khourt! I squeezed into my smallest sports bra today, and all seems better. ps. I like the word ta-tas. Much better than "boobs."

  3. Been pretty epic weather hasn't it? How do you run so many days in a row without hurting yourself?

    The only reason I ask is I went through a similar streak (6 days a week though) for many months back in 2009. I ended up with these little tweaks and niggles that, I think, caused me to change my mechanics that resulted in a mean case of runner's knee. Now that I've started up again, I want to make sure I avoid that. I'm all ears!

  4. LOVE the weather Glenn. We are a bit spoiled weather-wise in California (certainly not ECONOMIC-WISE). My goal for 2011 was to remain uninjured and I did it while running the most miles I've ever done in a year. I worked hard at it, believe me. And I'm so glad you asked, because once this "streak" is over, I plan to do a post about all the things I do to remain uninjured. But I will say now, I believe the biggest things in preventing injury thus far are these:

    1) mid foot strike. I hit the ground in the middle of my foot, which means very little stress on the knees. When a runner does a heel strike, the pressure on the knees is immense.
    2) kick out the back (as opposed to lunging forward), again less stress on the knees.
    3) And keeping my feet beneath my hips, in other words, keeping my column straight and leading with my hips (that is engaging my abs, as if I were about to do a crunch -- when I do this, it pretty much makes a heel-strike impossible).

    Hope this helps.

  5. Oh, one more thing Glenn, that is very important for me and injuries, is the foam roller. I hope you have one. If not, google it, or go to your local running store and ask about one. : ) Thanks for reading!