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Thursday, January 26, 2012

All of the Above

Day 37 of Streaking into the New Year I had the notion of doing a scouting run.  I set out on the pavement headed toward a local bike trail to see if it would eventually lead to Aliso/Wood Canyons Park.  Oh, about 3 blocks into this run, I thought to myself, “That’s quite enough of that!”  I felt extremely fatigued, both mentally and physically.  I can usually handle physically because I often get over it.  But MENTALLY fatigued so early???  Nope.  I didn’t have the power to revive the mind, so I set out for the minimum required for this “streaking” game.  I ran the bluffs above the harbor, then down to the harbor (but not into the harbor), and back home, ending up running more than the minimum (3.08 miles/4.99 km) and feeling better for it

Day 38 of Streaking into the New Year I got myself a FULL TANK of gas.  I didn’t want to behave extremely wasteful, so I drove to the closest trails for some dirt.  Who am I kidding?  I would have chosen Aliso/Wood Canyons today regardless of my gas situation.   And keeping with my nature that I “don’t know when to stop,” and “like to torture myself” (though I don’t) and that I’m “a bit off, if not darn right crazy,” I was drawn again toward Mentally Sensitive.  Perhaps it was the day that one of the rangers chuckled and said, “No one’s running up that trail,” that set me off to run Mentally Sensitive as much as possible.  Maybe it’s that fact that this trail straightens out the brain in a jiffy.  Of course it could be the gorgeous views it supplies.  And it could be that the trail is EMPTY.  Maybe it’s because I like slipping backward occasionally.  Or perhaps it’s simply because I like to say that “I did it.” 

Actually I think . . . No, I know, it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE. 

Running trails.  LOVE IT.

My run today:

Back in one of my many favorite places – Entrance to Meadows Trail.  I had to think up a newish pose since I click so many pictures here (the more I look at this pose the more critical I am of it and think I won’t do it again – note to self, need to come up with better poses.)

Struggling up Mentally Sensitive (but loving it), though I was a little disappointed over the physical fatigue that hit very early on.  (I kinda look like an old lady here, limping along – just my initial thought.  Still I put the picture in.) ps.  I wasn’t actually limping.

Perhaps half way up Mentally Sensitive – See, I’m still smiling.  (Do you think maybe my favorite color is blue?  Blue shoes, blue shorts, blue shirt LOL).

Top of Mentally Sensitive, running toward top of Meadows and onward to Top of the World – of course, I must snap a picture of Saddleback Mountains (Modjeska Peak is the highest point on left, Santiago Peak is highest point on right):

Top of Meadows looking down onto Laguna Beach and Pacific Ocean (notice Catalina Island if you look closely):

Top of the World.  The PRIZE!

Running down Rockit with a view of Wood Canyon.  Three to four miles remain of this run:

Approaching “The Final Stretch.”  Running Coyote Run Trail, which hits Mathis for a creek crossing.  Then I was back onto Wood Canyon Trail for a little over 2 1/2 miles to the finish.  Smile  I was tired:

I ran a 12.01 mile loop today (19.33 km) with this elevation profile:  My Activities Long Run 1-26-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. Your elevation charts always kill me. My tiny hills come no where near comparing to that.

  2. Ah Santiagoo Peak...how I hate thee!

  3. Thanks Convert. It just takes practice. There was a time, I couldn't crawl these hills. :)

  4. Ahh come on Stuart, you love Santiago Peak, and you know it! Thanks for reading!