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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big Baz WTRS Volunteer

Okay, now I’m really, really tired.  My husband said that I was running in my sleep last night, working up a sweat even, and that I was saying something about distance, something like “that’s not a speed distance, that’s an endurance distance . . . “  Who knows.  I woke abruptly at 4:30 because zombies were chasing me and I couldn’t find any place else to run! (And these were not the slow-moving zombies of my youth, these were the modern fast-moving zombies!)

Phew!  I was tired before the day began.  Then at 6:00 AM, I drove up to Blue Jay Campground in the Cleveland National Forest to volunteer for Big Baz’s first Winter Trail Run Series of 2012.  Usually I’m jealous when I see other people running and I’m not.  This morning, I have to say that I was so glad that I was not running this race.  I just didn’t have it in me.  But I did have it in me to talk with the runners, to greet people I knew, and to call out the bib numbers to the time recorders as they approached the finish line.  I recognized so many runners.  Some of them I knew.  Others I knew only by face.  And others I recognized them as having passed me in one or two races.  Smile

I had a blast.  I would definitely do this more often if it didn’t take up so much time of the day.

Setting up before the runners arrive:

Runners begin to show:  Far left is John (he’s one of the sweepers running down Hank and me in Twin Peaks), to the right of him, Steve Harvey.  And the guy hugging the lady, Big Baz.  He got lots of hugs in today. Smile

Lining up on a cold morning for check-in and bibs:

Baz entertaining the runners:

A guy in the pink skirt always gets all the attention LOL:

Chris Diaz brings out the WHOLE family.  Go Diaz clan!:

Baz gives race instructions:

New Balance Rep. (sorry I forgot your name) gives runners the “run down” on the new line:

And they’re off:

Recording finishing times:

New Balance Rep and John:

First Place!!

Top 6 placers, there was silence for a while after these guys came in:

Prepping snacks:

Steve Harvey makes his way to the finish line:

Waiting for Big Baz’s raffle and his overall fun theatrics:

Me and Rich Merritt (who ran the race, but my picture of him approaching the finish came out blurred Sad smile:

On my way home, I pulled over to put in a little over a mile run on San Juan Trail to continue my streak.  Day 19 (yikes!):

View from San Juan Trail:


  1. Volunteering rocks! I spent the morning cheering on SoCal Half runners, and only once wished I could join them ;). Such a perfect day, too!

  2. Blurred ONLY because I was too damn fast!!! Great seeing you out there and thanks for volunteering.

  3. Oh wow! Has the Baz series already started? He is such a hoot!

    Oh well. I'm no where near race shape yet. Gotta drop 20 lbs before I even consider it.

  4. Giraffy -- I love volunteering too. I'm glad you had fun with your volunteer on the same day. I had a blast cheering the runners too -- so much so, my hands ached from clapping. I wish I could volunteer more than I do.

  5. Rich -- I AM SURE that's why the picture blurred. : )

  6. Yes, Glenn! It has started. Who cares about the 20 pounds!! Really. I've got extra pounds too. I'd say about 15 to 20. I expect to see you out at the next race ; ) Hike it all if you have too. If I volunteer, I'll run the race backward to run in with you. You know the website -- register : )