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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Streaking into the New Year Day 20

Day twenty of Streaking into the New Year, my 20th consecutive day of running, I met running friend Tom Bychowski at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon.  The morning was gorgeous, blue skies, a bit cool.  And the climb was up, up, up.  Seriously, there is (& was) practically no relief on the run up Harding Truck Trail.  A little over a mile in we got a little down hill.  But that was it.

As we progressed toward the sky the wind came in strong.  Really strong. Most of the time it blew head on, giving much resistance to our upward run.  My cap flew off a couple times.  Tom caught it once as it flew down the road wanting to jump off the mountain.  There was also a gust that came in so strong I thought it might knock me down.  Really, it was great fun!  I’m not sure if Tom thought the same, but I saw him smiling here and there.  Smile It was also pleasantly cool, or cold rather, but not freezing.  And I continued to hold tight onto my hat at times, because I wore my favorite cap on day twenty of my streak, and I didn’t want to chance losing it.

Once or twice, the wind blew at our backs, and it gave me a much needed push.  Eventually the wind blew so strongly against us, we figured it was time to turn back.  So, a little over mile five, I set up my camera for a quick “group” photo and we headed back down the mountain. 

High above Orange County, I could see the coast was socked-in, that is, covered in clouds.  I’m sure the fog horn blew at my home.  For us out there in the mountains, the sun shined strongly.  And being so windy, the clouds above the lowlands looked like ocean waves crashing against the rocks.  Funny, as we ran down Harding Truck Trail, the wind blew against us still.  Now, someone explain that to me!  Still, it was fun.  Fun, fun, fun.  And we made it back to our cars in very decent time. 

So, after day twenty, I felt great.  I did some floor exercises at home – clams, foam rolling, to keep up the non-injury streak.  And I felt a little proud for getting this far uninjured.  And then.  AND THEN.  I fell over the doggy gate that separates our kitchen from the living room.  Injuries:  a sore wrist, a very sore elbow, a knock on the head, and a gash on my ankle.  That is me.  Just call me “Grace.”

10.23 Miles Run on the 20th day of my running streak.  (16.46 km)


  1. Great running Lauren! Day 20...really good! I hate running in the wind but sometimes when it feels a bit ridiculous I have fun in it. Hope the injuries aren't bad.

  2. Thanks again Johann. I'm finding the harsher weather (& believe me "harsh" weather in California is not that harsh) to be exhilarating. It was a bit ridiculous on this run. Injuries are gone now. Thanks!