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Friday, January 6, 2012

Boulder Hopping

Day 18 of my running streak, I planned on an easy day so that I could “rest.”  I had something fun planned: run the jettys at the marina.  So, I parked the truck in a lot at the base of the cliffs, and I headed for jetty #1.

I ran up the pier on the way to watch the fishermen/women:

Gosh!  Some people ruin all the fun : )

I ran past a replica of the Pilgrim, the brig that Richard Henry Dana sailed from Boston to Dana Point in the mid 1800s (approximately):

I admired the jetty from afar imaging how fun it would be to run:

Then I ran upon this:

Now a person here and there has on occasion referred to me as a scofflaw.  But with 3 or 4 docents ten feet away and a sheriff’s station on the marina island, I couldn’t risk a ticket, so I ran on down to the beach for some major boulder hopping instead:

I had great fun leaping from boulder to boulder.  I surprised myself with what my legs could handle while running.   And I thought to myself, “this is great training for Calico.” (my next race)  The beauty so immense, I stopped occasionally for a photo op with my brand new camera:

The boulder hopping went on and on, 1 mile straight, one-way.  Fantastic fun!  Seriously.  It gave a good sweat.

With lots of tide pools along the way:

I had one close call (& WITH CAMERA IN HAND!):

Waves pounded the rocks:

And I ran these rocks until I could run no longer, else the great Pacific swallow me up:

So I headed back running upon these (or rather hopping):

With 2.15 miles on the garmin at the jetty, I decided to run a bit into the marina before returning to the truck:

Great, great fun for a “short” run.  I am learning to love running again (as if I didn’t already), but I’m learning to love it even more with these short “rest” runs.

Miles logged on my 18th day of Streaking into the New Year: 3.16

Thanks for reading! Smile


  1. Nice pictoral. I am always amazed with the point. It is so rugged.

  2. It is a beaut, Rob! There was a time I found it difficult to walk the point. To run it amazes me. Such fun!