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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trail Mimicking

I am a trail runner.  If it makes any sense, I am more a trail runner than I am a runner.  Even when circumstances bring me to the road, I search out something that can somehow mimic the trail.  Though nothing so far truly mimics the trail, I have had lots of fun lately with my boulder hopping.

I still have to run the streets to get to these boulders.  And I must admit the cars freak me out.  People tell me they are afraid of snakes and spiders and other wildlife – but what about cars?  They weigh more than anything I find out on the trail.  And they can flatten me in an instant.  I just don’t trust cars – I mean cars, not necessarily their drivers.  A tire could blow, and next thing I know that car is flying toward me as I run peacefully along the sidewalk.

Well . . . I’ll not think about that. 

My biggest dream as a child was not any particular career.  It was not to be rich or drive a fancy car.  My biggest dream was to live in a beach town.  I was living in a beach town by age 23.  And I had many great years wasting lots of time in the surf and sand.  I am very fortunate.

Funny how now, I want to “waste” lots of time in the mountains.  Every day when I look out to Saddleback Mountains, I’m drawn to drive up there and run.  Unfortunately, it just costs too much dang money and time to run the mountains every day during my running streak.

So, day 23 of this streak, I again headed out my front door to the beaches.  And even though I ran plenty of road, I had a terrific time working up a sweat.  My mission today:  run the boulders at Monarch Beach.  I am getting better, much better at maneuvering my feet over these large boulders.  I move side to side, hop up, jump down.  There was a time, many a year ago, that I could barely hike those rocks. 

What fun!

Scenes from today’s run:

St. Regis Hotel:

Making my way down to Monarch Beach:

Time for boulder hopping:

Making my way to the prize:

My dirty shoes standing on nature’s colorful beauty:

Some of the prize:

The big prize after all that boulder hopping – my own private beach:

Running Monarch Beach:

Big Wednesday Smile:

Running Salt Creek:

The Strands:

Miles run on day 23 of Streaking into the New Year: 10.79 (17.36 km)


  1. I always tense up when a car comes up from behind, even though I'm almost always on a sidewalk and/or running against traffic. It isn't that hard to fathom a driver swerving because they're distracted on their phone... But still, snakes and other creepy crawlers freak me out too!

  2. I hear you on the cars...always makes me nervous!

    As for wasting time in the sand and surf..doesn't sound wasted to me! I have always dreamed of that sort of lifestyle, yet I always migrate north!! Go figure

    Great scenery shots! Your always an inspiration to get out on those trails!

  3. Thanks for reading Lindsay. I definitely run against traffic so that at least I can be warned. Before my running days, I was walking my baby in a stroller(now almost 13 years old -- the baby that is, stoller long gone : ) with the traffic to my back, and an SUV jumped the curve not 20 FEET AWAY FROM ME. Really freaked me out. Not so much that I could have been killed. But more that my husband could have lost a wife and only son in an instant. With that in mind, you might understand how I overcame snakes and creepy crawlers. Just always be on the lookout for the cars please. I'm sure you are quite versed how drives only look in ONE direction when they pull out onto the street, etc. etc. Keep safe. : )

  4. Hi Ed! I sometimes feel like a flake when I'm "playing" on the beach or running trails -- it's like I could be doing something productive, like furthering my career, or making more $$$, or even cleaning the bathrooms at home. But what can I say, I'm a kid for the first time since I was born.

    ps. North is awesome too!!!

    Thanks for reading.