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Thursday, January 12, 2012

On The Trail Again

On the 24th day of my running streak, I made it back to the trails for a nice, relaxing, “smallish” loop through Aliso/Wood Canyons that included a stop at Top of the World.  After a day back on the trails, I felt like I was never going to leave them again.  But, alas, I realize if I’m going to continue this streak, the road I must return.

I’m feeling pretty good after 24 days of running.  My calves are no longer tight when I take off.  I’m not increasing my speed much.  And the sweat pours fast and quickly.  Also, I must foam roll every day to get rid of an IT Band that so wants to flare-up.  Overall, I am happy to report that body is taking consecutive day running very well.

Scenes from today’s trail run:

Taking off into Wood Canyon for a run up Cholla Trail to the ridge:

View from the ridge (West Ridge):

Coyote Run (a lovely single track detour back to Wood Canyon Trail):

Miles run: 7.76 (12.49 km):My Activities To Top of World via cholla, down mathis 1-12-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. i am into day ... you know i don't know exaclty, but at least since the last week of Dec. i have decided to do an entire year of one run a day. my calves are barking!! good to know they loosen up.

  2. Slomohusky! That is amazing. An entire year. I'm too chicken to attempt something like that. Yes, the calves do loosen up. I've began foam rolling the calves also, which I believe helps. It's funny, in the beginning of my streak, I felt like I was getting weaker and weaker. Now, I'm finally feeling like I'm getting stronger. Good luck on your streak.

  3. Thanks Ali Mc. And thanks for reading!