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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bay Bridge Run

Another early morning, but not that EARLY.  Woke at 5:15 AM; I’ve seen earlier, and not just for my hobby.  There were times when the boys were babies, that I’ve seen way, way earlier. Those times were joyous (more so looking back), but more so joyous looking now, as they sleep soundly while I sneak out that door at 6:00 AM. 

I arrived downtown San Diego around 7:00 AM, maybe a tad later.  I love San Diego – so easy to get to, and though it’s a big city, it’s actually very small.  I mean, it doesn’t matter where I park for a race, I can easily walk to the start line.  Not only that!  Parking is free at the meters on Sundays : )

The Start Line for the Navy’s Bay Bridge Run was in the Gas Lamp District – near Petco Stadium and the Convention Center.  The way I saw it today was:  this was an easy run, a mere four miles up a tiny bump in the road (that is over the bridge to Coronado Island : )  And it was a bump in the road compared to the hills I’ve been attempting.  Boy, did it feel good to run up that bridge without a problem.  In fact, this is the race that started it all.  Too much to go through now (especially since I’ve blogged about it on Myspace way back when), but this was the race that lead me to the trail.  And so, for that very reason, I’m gravitated toward it each year.  This is my third year running The Navy’s Bay Bridge Run.  And there’s a good chance I will run it every year herein after, at least as long as I can, even with the immense crowds.  Today I ran with 8,000 other runners across the bridge to Coronado Island.   : )

Gas Lamp District, downtown San DiegoCIMG5024 CIMG5027  At Start Line, Ready to goCIMG5044

Running the Bay Bridge over to Coronado Island CIMG5055


          Tidelands Park, Coronado Bay Bridge in backgroundCIMG5079

The BashCIMG5087



Entertainment as we wait for bus back to mainlandCIMG5093

Looking old and tiredCIMG5103

Heading backCIMG5121

Walk through downtown back to car (Petco Stadium in background, home of Padres baseball)CIMG5122

Convention CenterCIMG5124

Steak Strip Club (I’m just a small town girl, don’t see these establishments often : )


Miles logged this morning:  4.0

And of course the video:


  1. That blue building reminds me of New Orleans.

  2. And, no, you do NOT look old and tired in that photo. Au contraire, you look girlishly happy. :-)

  3. A lot of the Gaslamp District reminds of me New Orleans (though I've never been to New Orleans, just New Orleans Square in Disneyland : )

    I just don't see the "girlishly happy" -- Lol. But thanks though.