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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Group Run In Aliso/Wood Canyons

I have been dead-dog tired all week, which I partially contribute to weight training.  I haven’t run since Tuesday, or so (can’t quite recall without looking it up).  Anyway, I dreamed, it seemed all night long, that I was preparing for a run.  The night grew later and later.  Rushing about, I finally sat down to tie my laces and panicked at reading the clock.  It read 9:45 (PM!) and I thought to myself (in my dream) that there’s no way I can run at 10 o’ clock!!! I was bummed.  And then at that instant, my cell phone alarm went off.  And I was really bummed.  It was 5:30 AM.  I had rsvp’d for a group run, and though I was still dead-dog tired, I knew that I HAD to drag myself out of bed and get out there. 

Why?  1) Because I NEED to run, whether I feel like it or not.  2) I would eventually get into it once I got myself out the door and 3) this morning’s group run was at Aliso/Wood Canyons Park –- my home-sweet-home trails.  

The Gang this morning running Aliso/Wood Canyon Trails
(Dylan, Phil, Tom, Sheila, Kelly, Marcus, Me, Cathy & Vincent at the Aliso Creek  / Wood Canyon Trail intersection)

I arrived to the park at 7:00 AM precisely (as is my custom – to arrive right on the dot, that is).  A police car drove up and down the street as a border control car screeched into the parking lot.  While meeting up with the group, I noticed a border agent jump out of his car, run across the park lot and run into the brush. (I learned later that several more police cars arrived as well as a helicopter).

There were 11 of us running this morning (though only 10 are pictured above).  I felt pretty good, keeping up the rear as is also my custom.  The posted run was for a 9 mile out-and-back up to the end of the ever lovely Wood Canyon Trail.  The skies were gray, the air cool – perfect running weather.  We saw deer along the way, stopped for a few quick photo ops. 

Kelly, Me, Phil, & two deer in the stars (Tom’s Photo)

I shall not go on and on, especially since these are the trails that I run regularly.  What a treat to run with friends that I’ve run with before (Tom, Sheila, Kelly and Dylan – Dylan by the way ran his first 50k recently – congrats on finishing and with such a great time!).  And what a treat running with newer members (not necessarily newer runners): Cathy and her husband, Vincent, Phil and Sheila’s husband Marcus – Like I always say, and I really do (used to sing it in Girl Scouts) “Make new friends and keep the old.  One is Silver and the other Gold.”

ANYWAY, upon reaching the end of Wood Canyon Trail, Sheila, Marcus, Kelly, Dylan, Phil and myself continued on up Cholla, onward and upward to Top of the World.  The others turned around for a 9 mile out-and-back – a pleasant run that I’ve had the pleasure of running once or twice : )

End of Wood Canyon Trail, base of Cholla Trail

I NEEDED to run to Top of the World, I needed the agony of hills.  Agony in the end equals ecstasy (it’s not the “agony and ecstasy of defeat” however, it’s the “agony and ecstasy of” triumph.)  Though it’s never easy, the company and conversation made it seem quicker.  From Top of the World, we ran across the asphalt through the neighborhoods to enter the park again and run down that gorgeous switch-back called Meadows Trail.  What a thrill!

Top of the World (Kelly, Sheila, Marcus, Phil, Dylan, Me)
Miles logged:  11.64


  1. good sized group!
    hey - are those clouds? Looks like Portland but warmer :)

  2. Lots of warm days out here -- but thankfully we've that breeze (I can't handle running in the heat)