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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sportin' a New Do' on a Loop to the Top

The one reason that has kept me from cutting my hair is running.  I thought that I NEEDED to pull my hair back into a ponytail to run.  Well, I ran a loop to the Top of the World this morning with a new do' and found out it ain't so.  I can run without a ponytail.  I can!

Running up Cholla Trail trying to catch cyclist (never did)
Overlooking the Pacific At Top of the World after cool, but sweaty, yet joyous run up Westridge Trail

After feeling so weak again with this weight training, I felt strong this morning upon reaching the top.  Prior to today's run, I actually felt like my hips were getting weaker!  Of course, that's a big worry with me.  Weak hips means I'm going down for the count one of these days SOON.  Today tells me that I've got to keep up the strength training, despite the fact that I have not learned to love it (I suspect one of these days I will).

Just when I entered the park again on Meadows end, a hawk swooped down into the grass.  And then like a thief, it snagged a snake and took off for flight.  Then like nothing the bird seemed to lazily meander in flight making his way closer to Meadows trail.  There he swooped back down into the brush to, I suppose, gobble up the snake.

These are the sort of things I get to see on the trail.

Making my way back into the park, via trail behind Top of the World homes
Running down Meadows (Eyes alert for snakes)
Bottom of Meadows Trail, about 4 miles left to run
Deer on Wood Canyon Trail

Miles logged this morning:  10.2


  1. nice do'! and gorgeous pics! Geesh. I may have to stop reading your blog - it's like torture :) Kidding - I love the pics you post!

  2. Looking pretty sporty! Great pictures, too. Do you mind if I use a couple on the website?

  3. Thanks Jessica & Tom. I get a little trigger happy with the camera sometimes. Too bad I didn't catch one of that Hawk and the snake. Tom feel free to use any pics from this blog for the website.