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Friday, May 21, 2010

In Search of Falls

I read on the internet that there is another waterfall in Trabuco Canyon besides the Holy Jim Falls.  Since I didn't have much that I HAD to do this morning (there's always plenty to do), I dragged invited my husband along for a hike in search of these falls. 

We found it!  We missed it the first time driving up Trabuco Creek Road.  After turning around at the Holy Jim parking lot, we drove that bumpy road back about a mile, looking closely through the forest of trees for a canyon where another stream dumps into Trabuco.  And there it was!  Well within the area where an Adventure Pass is required, there's a thin canyon north of the road.

The hike is relatively easy -- no major boulder hopping, no super steep inclines.  There's a thin trail that runs back and forth from one side to the other of the stream, with plenty of rocks and logs to balance your way across.   The stream flows pretty good and there's lots of poisin oak to watch out for.  It's shady and cool and in the end a waterfall with about a forty foot drop greets you.  Lovely.  Simply lovely.

The hike to this waterfall is relatively short. From the road it took us only seventeen minutes to get there, and about the same on the return trip. But that's taking it pretty quickly -- I worked up a good sweat.

Coming off the road, making way to Trabuco Creek
Hiking along Trabuco Creek, headed toward that canyon we missed on the way in
Hiking up the canyon in search of waterfall
Look Closely between "V" in trees for the waterfall

It really is a waterfall!

Heading Back


  1. It is pretty awesome -- and I can't believe how close to the road it is. I love it out there. Back where I'm from, a place like that would have been trashed (beer bottles, trash everywhere)