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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kids Run the O.C.

I just realized that I'm not running up Bulldog again in two weeks.  I'm running up Bulldog in ONE week.    O . . . M . . . G . . .

No time to train today.  This weekend is the OC Marathon.  No; I didn't run the marathon.  But my eight year old ran the "Kids Run the O.C."  And I ran with him -- 1 mile.  It was a blast, festive, a little crazy, overrun with, screaming, lunatic kids (& and don't mean baby goats : )

The idea was, the kids enrolled in a program at their elementary schools where they were to have run the equivilant of 25.2 miles of activities.  Today, they ran the last mile of the "marathon."  I was so proud of my little guy (who has been through a tough, tough time the past couple weeks).  The last quarter mile, even though he was so tired, he ran it on in across the finish line with a tremendous burst of speed.  Way to go my precious baby boy!

Miles logged this morning:  1

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