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Friday, May 7, 2010

Wiped out, but ready as I can be

Unexpected events threw Thursday’s scheduling a bit.  But I still fit in one last run, a short one, but hilly, before tomorrow’s 22k.  I powered up Cholla and then Westridge to Top of the World where I quickly stretched the hamstrings and rushed back to the car. 

Now the trip back has its ups and downs, it is a ridge route after all, and it seems no matter which direction I take on a ridge, it’s gonna be difficult.  The two toughest Westridge Trail hills are downhill, as is Cholla, for the return trip.  But there are some new up hills on the way back – still nothing like Cholla Trail or that tiny section leading up to the Mathis intersection.  So I could never understand why it takes me just a few minutes shorter to make the trip back.  It seems I should be able to run the return trip much quicker.  Pressed for time today, I told myself, “I’m gonna do the trip back ten minutes quicker than the trip in!”  So I set my watch to zero and I hauled a**.  I was surprised that I couldn’t do it.  But I was close.  The run from Canyon Vistas Park to Top of the World took me forty minutes.  The return trip took thirty-three minutes.

I was wiped out for the rest of the day.  I mean, it was like I ran a grueling twenty mile run.  And I only ran six miles. 

I was even still fatigued today. 

Got some errands in today – no workout, just some hip exercises.  I’m all packed, coffee in the coffee maker, I’m ready to head off for the race tomorrow.   No anxiety, mainly because I’ve done this loop twice before.  I know what to expect.  My goals:  No falling, no injuries, no cramping, and finish smiling (finishing in 3 hours would be nice too). 

Here’s what I’m looking at tomorrow.  I haven’t put in anything near this elevation gain in recent training.  This should be fun.

Malibu Creek 22k Elevation

To all a good night.  Have a fun run tomorrow wherever you run.  Good luck to all Malibu Creek runners.  And good luck too to those brave souls running the PCT 50 Mile Trail run tomorrow as well! : )


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