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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scheduling the Short run

I would much rather run than build strength.  Turns out though, if I want to run, I need to build strength.  But it's HARD to build strength.  It's easy to run.  (Well, not exactly EASY, but enjoyable, quite enjoyable.)

I figure part of my problem with strength training, is that I run myself ragged.  In other words, I'm too tired to strength train.  On my off days, I'm on the elliptical or in the pool.  Rarely am I working on strength.  Recently I added planks to my routine.  I've improved.  But I dread them.  Just as I dread ab work, push ups, or that giant exercise ball that sits in the corner of my livingroom between the baby grand and magazine rack.  It's no wonder that my core is weak, though not as weak as it has been since I've been working on it (post hip injury).  It's weak, because I simply don't work it enough! 

So, I'm switching things up just a bit with my running.  I'm forcing a short run once a week.  That's not an extra run, but an existing run each week will be less than five miles.  Sure, I get short runs in occassionally.  Not because I want too, usually because I have too -- recovery, time constraints or injury issues.  This way, I figure, I'll give my body a break and a little more time to work on the core.  Not an earthshaking routine change.  But let's see if lightening up some will help me get to that core work more vigorously.

Miles logged this morning (nice, flat, cool miles down at Doheny Beach and the wharf): 4.60   

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