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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Easy Miles

Ran 8.27 "easy" miles Tuesday morning.  I write "easy", because this was a road run, down to the local beaches and through the marina and wharf.  The wind blew against me most of the time, but still the run was definately "easy" compared to Saturday's Malibu Creek. 

All the while, helicopters hovered above the waters at Doheny Beach.  Different helicopters -- news helicopters, military helicopters . . . They were flying in and out of the area ever since I brought my boys to school at 8:00 AM.  By the time I reached the jetty, I feared the worst -- perhaps a surfboarder had drowned, or maybe a jetskier had crashed.  Turns out, there was a whale in the shallow waters just outside of the harbor's mouth.  It was quite the spectacle, dozens of people lined up on the rocks, news vans tried to park as spectators jammed the road with their cars.  I heard on the news when I returned home from this run, "No one knows why the whale swam so close into the harbor, but some speculate that he was looking for a quiet place to rest."

Poor whale certainly didn't find a quiet place today.

Miles logged 8.27


  1. I wish I lived in California! Whale sightings while on a run...how cool! I get excited when I see a deer...that's about it for me in Memphis! Oh, I saw an owl once,haha!

  2. Deer's pretty cool. I've only seen an own from afar, and also those little balls of bones they barf up. Yuk. You don't see any snakes?

  3. I meant, I've only seen an OWL from afar : )