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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Going a little crazy now that I learned how to use the video button on my camera.

I really had no business putting in a fourteen mile trail run this morning.  I was just too tired.  BUT I felt like I needed one more hilly, longish run before Malibu Creek.  Today was about the only day I could fit one in, being that I didn’t want to fit in a grueling run close up to the weekend. 

I took off sluggish on Aliso Canyon Trail, then ran Wood Canyon in its entirety, wishing, wishing, wishing for shade.  By the time that lovely shade hit me, I was overheated.  (Again, I over dressed, but thank goodness left the fleece at home!)

Giant sycamore on Wood Canyon Trail

Determined to make this run, I continued on up Cholla (my featured trail of the day – see video below).  It wasn’t until I ran along Westridge a good while before things began to look beautiful.  When I run everything is beautiful, I may have mentioned that before.  Sometimes it’s beautiful from the first step.  Other times I have to wait some miles.  But eventually, everything is beautiful (sometimes it even waits to hit me on my very last step!).

When “Everything is Beautiful,” I become trigger happy with the camera
CIMG4873 CIMG4879 CIMG4897
At Top of the World, Laguna Beach and the Pacific Ocean was hidden by a thick marine layer that I wished would rise a little to shade me.   

Results:  No hip pain!  And though my left calve threatened to cramp toward the very end of this run, my legs did not cramp.  (If you haven’t guessed, my goal for Malibu Creek this weekend, besides finishing with a smile on my face, is NO CRAMPS). 

Total Miles logged:  14

Featured Trail of the Day:  Cholla Trail  (Another bumpy ride!)

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