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Friday, May 28, 2010

Running when I'm not running

Did a little time at the Disney Resort with my family today.  "Doin' Time" is a good way to put it, because after a few hours, I'm ready to cop a plea -- "Yes!  I did it!  Just lock me away. "

Kiddin'. (Well . . . )

Actually, there are times when the boys are probably thinking, "Uhhh, Mom, you can go sit down now . . ."

I'm talking about the Brother Bear playground in California Adventure, where there's a multitude of bridges, and ramps and slides.  There's like a maze of rope bridges crossing here and there with plenty of kids and moms and dads huffing and puffing their way through them.

Here's where being a runner (not even a very good runner) has its advantages:  You can pretty much scale these rope bridges in a leaping bound, blowing away everyone (unless of course you come across another runner).  That's a lifter, because in my running world, I don't blow away anyone.

My eight-year-old and five-year-old were having a tough time going up and down those rope bridges.  It really is hard to traverse them slowly as they swing back and forth.  I knew that -- it's just like some trails, better to haul a** down them, then take them too slowly. 
"Help Mommy," my five-year-old sang out as he clinged to the siding of the rope maze.  I took him by the hand and ran him all the way up, swinging wildly in the wind as he screamed in delight.  I did the same for my eight-year-old, mainly on the down hill, until neither of them wanted to take my hand anymore (my ten-year-old didn't even think of taking my hand).  The two youngest, after going on a wild ride with me, decided they'd rather cling to the edges and gingerly make their way up and down the bridge mazes.  I'm not about that -- I'm about "do it, get it done."  It's my strong point.  And it's my downfall.  Anyway . . .

No way to count the miles logged today, though I did run plenty.  More importantly, it was a fun day.  And before it all began, as the rest of the clan slept, I got in four sets of planks.  I'm getting better.  I did them all without hollering outloud (it helps to do planks at 6:00 in the morning, because I'm less apt to yell out in agony.  Instead I suffer silently). 

Happy weekend everyone!!  Hope you get in some good runs.  And if you can't run because of injury or some other reason, may you still find some peace.  : ))

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