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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Harding Truck Trail

The original plan was to meet up and run Santiago Truck Trail, which I haven't run since last July (which happened to be with Tom, who I met this morning too).  Turned out that No Parking signs now line the road all along the trail head.  Closest place to park was Cook's Corner, which meant running along Santiago Canyon Road a couple miles before getting to Santiago Truck Trail.   Didn't seem like a good idea.  So, Tom suggested parking at the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon and going up Harding Truck Trail.

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

Now, I have never been to Harding Truck Trail -- one reason being that it had been closed for quite some time due to the fires we had. And did I mention that it is STEEP? I mean, like non-runnning steep. At least most of it, and at least for me.  But it was gorgeous.  Wildflowers and green grass covered the mountains.   The low clouds added an eeriness to the beauty, not to mention a coolness to the air.  When we climbed above the clouds the sun shined brightly, my head sopping from sweat beneath my favorite $1.99 beanie.  Did I already say how pretty it was????  I am so glad Tom suggested this trail.

The run down was exhilerating.  I think I found the perfect place to train for Bulldog.  One thing for sure . . . I'm not going to register for the Harding Hustle (30k) come July.  I'm not tough enough (yet!)

Miles logged:  7.5


  1. C'mon! I signed up and it just took me thee hours to finish the Billy Goat Half Hill Climb on the other side of the hill last Saturday!

  2. By the way - I just found your blog doing a google search to find out how tought the "race" was going to be....

  3. It would have probably taken me much longer to finish your half last Saturday. I'm on a fast track training (with no direction whatsoever!) for Bulldog 50k -- I'm afraid the Harding Hustle will tear my hip to shreds. I will be a volunteer though -- maybe I'll see you there!

    That's funny that my blog popped up on your search.